Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Aleutian Ethnography

Turner, M. (2008). An Aleutian Ethnography. Fairbanks, AK:
University of Alaska Press.

The author, who is not an Unangax man, wrote this book after being in three different primary Aleut communities for about 11 months . He talks about the different Unangax communities he visited. He writes about the Unangax people and their culture. How they live, their language, social relationships, governance, beliefs, and traditions. He talks about how they made their houses, clothing, boats, and hunting materials. He describes what kind of animals and plants the Unangaxs eat and lived off of. He gives step-by-step instructions on how the Unangax people did different things, like how they used to make birdskin parkas. Even though the author is not Unangax he described the Unangax people and ways well.

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