Monday, November 16, 2009

Aleut Story DVD

Robinson, C. & Williams, M. (2005). Aleut Story. America: American Public Television.


This movie is about the untold story of what happened to the Aleuts during World War II. This movie includes a lot of interviews with Aleut people as well as many different researchers. The Aleut elders talk about how the U.S. Government treated them during World War II, which was a very terrible experience for the Aleuts. The researchers talk about what the U.S. Government did wrong and who the people were in the government who caused this terrible thing to happen to the Aleuts. This movie tells the story of the Aleuts before, during, and after the war. It shows pictures of the horrible interment camps that the Aleut people had to live in for two years. This movie is a sad story and some what unbelievable of how U.S. citizens were treated by the government.

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